Step by Step Installation for SheetsConvert, A Gohighlevel Tool

Hello there,

This simple tool was designed to show my 5 day free challenge participants that a very simple tool can lead to passive income for life.

You can grab it by entering this bot.

With 1 post:

Even if everyone pays only $10/month that means a monthly recurring income of $2770.00/month overnight.

Now, as part of the beta push, I created this zap free solution and I'm providing it free for 30 days to the Gohighlevel community.

Gohighlevel users can win a chance to get the  free version for life if they enter my free facebook group and comment on Day 1's video within the 5 day training.

We will be picking 2 winners. Winners will be announced on 2/19/2020.

To do this one must first:

1) Enter the group


2) This link will activate <--- Day 1 Replay. And comment "I'm in this free subscriber scaling training to grab the Gohighlevel sync tool"

Q and A:

Q: How often will it sync? Every 5 minutes.

A: How many fields can it sync? 9 Fields. Click here to grab a copy of the google sheet template.

Q: Can it sync two way? 

A: Not yet, but that is a definite next feature.

Q: Is this a part of GroupConvert?

A: No, but it can be.

Q: When will I get access?

A: Within 24 hours of entering the bot.



1. Go to your gohighlevel account, log in, choose your company, go to Settings -> pull the API key and copy it.

2. Use your credentials emailed to you and log in here: Click here to log into your dashboard

3. Go and click on API Keys -> click on Add new

4. Get a copy of the google sheet template here. -> make the sheet public -> "anyone can view"

5. Copy the URL sheet ID.

6. Go back to your dashboard: Click here to log into your dashboard -> on the left hand side click on "Google Sheets" and then "+Add New"

7. Paste your Sheet ID into the blank space under "Add Sheet" and "Sheet ID" -> hit save

8. In you dashboard go to "Add Contacts" and select the Google Sheet ID that would correspond to your API Key ID so you can match the correct google sheet to go to the correct gohighlevel account.  You can have multiple google sheets send data to different gohighlevel account. (if you are an agency).

9. This will run every 5 minutes.

If you have any questions at all about this tool, PLEASE open a support ticket.

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