How To Install Autoreplier or

It should take only a couple of minutes and it is easy to install and get going!

  1. Please download here:
  2. Unzip the folder that is downloaded.
  3. Open a new tab in your chrome web browser and go to chrome://extensions
  4. Top right hand corner, turn on developer mode
  5. Drag and drop your unzipped folder into the screen
  6. Go to the puzzle piece icon on very top right hand corner
  7. Left click & pin the extension onto the top bar for use

  8. Click on the extension icon and start adding in templates

  9. You can also log into this dashboard to add templates: Click here for dashboard login

  10. Use the same username and password to log in

  11. Test the extension

  12. Go here to watch the demo:

Your screen name: your email

Your password: 123456

If you have any issues please go to and open a ticket or email us at

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