GroupConvert is updated

New Update: 11/15/2020 as of 11:20am pst. We updated a working version so now it's up to google to push the updates out to everyone! This will take anywhere from 24 hours up to 4 days as we have thousands of users. Thank you for your patience.

Date: 11/15/2020 as of 9:11am pst. 🚨Facebook just changed its interface - Please stand by and do not use GroupConvert until we update our code to have GroupConvert functioning again!🚨 (we'll update our users within the next 24 hours)

Please note: This change has only affected some of you but not all users.


GroupConvert is updated - You can now add emails from users you DECLINE

🛑 Before you do anything please read this!! Backup your data first: Click on the "View Data" menu and then select the "Download to CSV" option before proceeding with the next steps below to fix the issue.

I made a video of that here:

To get the Group Convert update, there are two options:

1) You wait for the update to hit you (this will take several days from today which is 9.15.2020).

2) You want to manually update your groupconvert to the latest version. Proceed to the step by step below.

1) Fixing the error pop up: There will be an error that pops up if you don't add a second sheet to your current google worksheet.

Go to your current google sheet. Look down to the bottom left-hand corner, then click on the PLUS sign, a second sheet will appear. You can leave that sheet empty.

2) You must update to the latest version of Facebook! GroupConvert works seamlessly with the NEW Facebook layout. If you are on the old layout, you must switch over to the new one.

How to Manually Update GroupConvert to Latest Version

1. First, check if you have to the latest version. Copy and paste this into your URL  chrome://extensions/

2. Search for "Group convert" (yes, with a space in the middle of the two words) and if the version is 9.4.4 then you have the latest version already - no need to continue.

3. If your version is less than 9.4.4, your version is not the most up to date yet, then please continue below if you want to manually update GroupConvert.

4. First, back up your current information. Click on the G in the top right-hand corner of your browser, click on "view data", then click on Download your data into CSV.

5. Now right click on the G and remove it from your chrome browser.

6. Add a second sheet to your CURRENT google sheet by opening up your google sheet and clicking the PLUS button on the bottom left-hand corner.

[This will stop the errors you've been seeing pop up from happening - yay! no more errors!]

7. Now re-add the chrome extension.

You can do this by going to the chrome web store, then search for " Group Convert ext"

Proceed to add it right back by clicking on the " Add to Chrome" option and it will reinstall the updated extension. 

A pop-up window will appear prompting you to add the Group Convert extension. Click on the " Add extension" button.

Add extension to Chrome

You will get a pop-up confirming successful installation of the extension.  Or it will just appear on the top right-hand corner as a little G.

Successful extension Installation

Look at the top right-hand corner.  Left-click on the G icon to display the details. Enter your " Email address" used to purchase the software or the email used to signup. Click "Continue"

Enter Email Address

 Then put in your password. Then click " Login"  Successful login looks like below.  You don't need to click on any buttons at this step.

Successful Login Confirmation

Open your google sheet and add a new worksheet by clicking on the +(Plus) sign

Now when you go to your Facebook group and decline users whom you do not want to join your group for a particular reason, what Group Convert does is, it captures the email address of the user as a decline status.

If you Push to Google sheet, you will then have the declined person email under "sheet2". This represents the member requests who for a reason you do not want to approve them to join the group but you are still able to grab their emails. You can now then use Zapier and send them to a different email sequence, 

Moving forward, whenever a new Group Convert user comes in, the second sheet is already in there for them so they will not need to add it. For all current users, you need to add the second sheet.

To check the version of Group Convert that you are on, go to your chrome browser and enter this URL -->    chrome://extensions/

Then search for " Group Convert" and confirm the version. Currently, the most up to date version is v9.4.4

If you have another version like 9.1 then it means the rolling update has not hit you yet. 

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