How To Install CharlieCRM

We have a download CSV and a push to google sheet feature to back up your data!.

1. Access CharlieCRM in the chrome web store via this direct link, Click Here

2. Click on the " Add to Chrome" menu button.

3. You will get a pop-up window, click on the " Add extension" menu button.

4. Click on the little puzzle piece at the top right of your chrome browser and pin CharlieCRM

5. Click on the CharlieCRM extension icon, enter the email that you signed up with and click login

6. Once you log in, you are then presented with the main screen. 

7. To add a new tag, click on the "Tags" tab then the (+) sign at the bottom right

8. Enter the name of the new Tag, select the colour for the tag and then click on the "Save" menu button. 

9. Repeat the step above and create as many tags for your conversations as you wish.

10. Go to and refresh the page

11. Click on the conversation in messenger that you want to tag and you should see the tag option that you had created. Proceed and tag all other conversations that you want to be with that tag.

12. Click back on the Charlie CRM extension and the tag you created should be visible with the number of conversations that you tagged.

13. You can search for a particular conversation and then add a note under that conversation and click save. You should get a prompt confirming the note has been saved. 

14. You can also download the data to a CSV or push to a Google Spreadsheet to save the data

15. You can also send a message from a template by clicking on the corner of the "send message" menu in order for send message to happen

15. You can also Sync the data between two different computers using the sync icon.


Here is a Loom Video on the CharlieCRM WhiteLabel, Click here

Here's a video demo of what CharlieCRM does. Click here to watch.

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