How to install hack my ads step by step

Glad you asked! Below is a super simple step by step guide to get HackMyAds working for you!

First, make sure you're at a  computer or laptop and not on your phone.

Ensure you are logged into your Chrome Browser and the Sync is turned on.

1. Visit the Chrome Web Store at this link and click on the blue button "Add to Chrome" -- > Click Here To Add HackMyAds

2. A pop-up window will appear prompting you to add the HackMyAds extension. Click on the "Add extension" button.

3. You will get a pop-up confirming the successful installation of the extension.  Or it will just appear on the top right-hand corner.

4. Congrats! Time to test the extension out!  Make sure you click on the jigsaw icon on the top right-hand corner and pin the extension to your bar [if it's not already there]

5. Click on the extension icon and there will be a pop up that says "Go to to find more products"

6. Once you're on Facebook you can enter your screen name and password

7. Login, you will see the button "Collected ads"

8. Now you have the ability to collect ads into your library by scrolling through your newsfeed and clicking the grey "ad" button.

9. A notification will pop up to confirm that you've collected the ad. Click Okay to continue.

10. Furthermore.... you can also go into the Facebook Page of whoever is running the ad to collect more of their ads.  Click on their page link:

11. Make sure you turn off ad blocking extensions you might own.

If you have the AdBlock Chrome extension, you have to right-click on their icon, then choose "Pause on this site" or "Pause on all sites"

12. Make sure you click refresh before continuing

13. On the left-hand side of the person's page, scroll down and click on "Page Transparency" -> "See all" blue link

14. Click on "Go to ad library"

15. You can continue saving more ads by clicking on the grey "Add" button under each ad. If it doesn't load right away, just scroll down past the ad and then scroll up again and the grey button will appear.

16. After you are done collecting ads, now left-click the chrome extension icon on the top and click on collect ads

17. You'll see options to export to google sheet, download as CSV, refresh, and clean for your call to action buttons.

18. Exporting to a google sheet option. You'll be requested to put into your URL your google sheet. Click here to grab a copy of a google sheet and then create your own copy by clicking on "file" and "make a copy"

19. Click on the green share button, click on the down arrow to change the sheet to "anyone with a link can edit" and then click on the link URL to copy it or the copy link blue button.

20. Go back to the dashboard, paste the link and then click "submit"

21. It will send you a confirmation of "data has been successfully stored in your sheet"

22. Check your google sheet and you'll see the data pops up:

23. To avoid duplicate data please click on "clean"

24. If you click on "download" it will download your data into a CSV document:

25. If you clear all the data, you can still click on the Refresh button to bring back all the data from the database:

26. The search bar will search the keyword from any column.

27. If you are a pro user, you can log into a separate dashboard where you can view

28. You can check your ads list here:

29. If you are a HackMyAds partner, you can go ahead and add more users. You can keep 100% of the profits or give it away to your audience as a bonus for grabbing your course or training.

30. You can activate an account or deactivate an account based on their access to you.

31. You can see total active users, total users, and all the ads they've scraped

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