GroupConvert 5 Day Challenge

👉 What's the 5 Day GroupConvert Challenge?

When's the next one?: March 23rd, 2020 at 11am Pst.

It will help you fully automate the flow of users into your facebook group so that you capture their email, SMS, send them to custom linkedin and custom fbook audience all in one GO.  We will also dive into how you can actually monetize your group with the following itinerary.

Day 1: Your 6 Figure Mindset
Day 2: The Most Leveraged Approach From Group To Offer [Automations]
Day 3: How To Craft Your High Ticket Offer For Your Group and Position Yourself As An Expert
Day 4: Be Courageously Loud, Sell, and Build An Audience You Are Excited To Serve
Day 5: Power Levers To Scale Sales

Let's get it!

Click here if you are 👉 READY TO GO!

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