How To Log Into GroupConvert Extension and Members Area

Remember! There are TWO different areas of login with their own passwords.

1) Your extension itself 

(the little G icon on the top right hand corner) login is your email and a 6 digit PIN for the passcode. Once you request it, it will be in your SPAM or inbox sent by (so you will look for the keyword in your email).

2) Your MEMBERSHIP portal 

is a whole separate login (we use clickfunnels for this).  If you are new...You create your own password by clicking here and then it will lead you to a login page.

If you are brand new, even if you just purchased, most likely your membership access is not created yet.  

You can go and create it by clicking here: CREATE MEMBERSHIP ACCESS

To log in (after membership is created) please click here:

-Team GroupConvert

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