GroupConvert Updates 2020

We received these questions from a user and we'd like to add it to our FAQ for GroupConvert Updates 2020.

Q: I saw Kim's update video in the Facebook group about being able to automatically approve Facebook group leads if they have completed all the questions. Has this update been published as I don't see that option?

Answer: A: This update will be pushed out within the next few days. Google takes at least 2-3 days to audit the update and push it through to all the users.

Q: If using the above feature, I presume it's best to not also have any automatic approval settings within FB itself, right? Because they could conflict? Or is automatic approval supposed to be set within both FB + GC?
Answer: Correct.  Only use the automatic approval feature within the chrome extension because it would conflict with Facebook group automatic approval option.  That means you need to keep the automatic approval feature turned off within the Facebook group itself and use the feature from our chrome extension instead.

Q: Is it possible to automatically send a templated message to leads who haven't filled out the questions?
Answer: No because it would be against GDPR rules. They need to agree to be contacted first before we can contact them.  You are free to message them once they are inside your group to increase engagement and open a line of communication with them.

Q: If I connect the google sheet to Zapier in order to upload the leads to Kartra, what happens if the person did not fill out their email address - I assume they can't be added to Kartra because email is a required lead field?
Answer: Correct. If there is no email, a contact will not be added to the email autoresponder (Kartra in your case).

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