How To Install GroupConvert Step By Step Guide

Glad you asked! Below is a super simple step-by-step guide to getting GroupConvert working for you!

First, make sure you're at a computer or laptop and not on your phone.

Ensure your Facebook Group language is in ENGLISH. (On the new Facebook Design Group Convert can only approve successfully when the Facebook language is English)

Ensure that you have set up questions in your Facebook Group and one of the questions should ask the new members to share with you their email addresses.

The extension works with Private Facebook Groups and not Public Facebook Groups.

Ensure you are logged into your Chrome Browser and the Sync is turned on.

A spreadsheet link setup is required whenever you switch computers or re-install the extension on your Chrome Browser.

Click on this link to get a copy of the google sheet: CLICK HERE TO GRAB A COPY OF THE GOOGLE SHEET

🤖If you prefer to use our step-by-step Facebook messenger bot, click here.

💪If you are a busy executive and want it Done-For-You.  We have Installation packages, click here.

👇If you want to do it yourself, keep on reading below.  It should take you 2-5 minutes to install!👇  Trust the process!

1. Visit the Chrome Web Store at this link and click on the blue button add to chrome -- > Click Here To Add GroupConvert

Search for Group Convert extension Chrome Store

3. A pop-up window will appear prompting you to add the Group Convert extension. Click on the " Add extension" button.

Add extension to Chrome

Click on the PIN next to the Group Convert extension to PIN the extension on your browser bar for easy access

4. You will get a pop-up confirming the successful installation of the extension.  Or it will just appear on the top right-hand corner as a little G.

Successful extension Installation

5. Look at the top right-hand corner.  Left-click on the G icon to display the details. Enter your "email address" used to purchase the software or the email used to signup. Click "Continue"

Enter Email Address

6. This is where you will be getting your password by clicking on "Forget password".  Your extension password is a 6 digit code that gets emailed to you from  It will appear in your SPAM folder or your inbox.  Can't find it in your inbox or spam folder? Search for in your email so it pops up.  If you are still experiencing issues, click here to email us and we will quickly resolve this for you.

7. Click on the G icon on the top right-hand corner again. Type in your email address. Left-click "Continue." Then put in your password. Then click "Login"  Successful login looks like below.  You don't need to click on any buttons at this step.

Successful Login Confirmation

  1. Click on this link to get a copy of the google sheet: CLICK HERE TO GRAB A COPY OF THE GOOGLE SHEET

9. Make a copy of the google sheet. Click on " File" then the "Make a Copy" menu.

10. On the pop-up menu, enter a preferred " Name" for the new google sheet, select an appropriate "Folder" to save it then click "OK".  Otherwise, "My Drive" is the default folder and that's fine.

11. Once you click "Okay" it will open a brand new tab with your own sheet.  You can close the other tab now.  On the new google sheet tab, click on the " Share" button on the top right-hand corner.

12. On the pop-up window, enter the email address used to purchase the software or the email used to signup if it isn't already there. Click the blue "Send" button if that appears or the "Done" blue button.

13. Click on the " Share" button as step 11, then click on the "Change" button at the bottom left-hand corner of the pop-up.

14. On the pop-up menu, change the permission to " Anyone with the link can view" then click on the "Copy Link" text, then click the DONE blue button.  Now you have your google sheet LINK!

15. Group Convert does not work with the OLD Facebook layout, If you have the OLD Facebook layout and cannot switch over to the new Facebook layout, click here to book a call with us and we will quickly resolve this for you with a workaround.

16. On the new Facebook layout, click on the little central icon that looks like 3 people huddled together. -> Click on your group name to the left-hand side -> Click on Member Requests -> you should see your google sheet URL drop-in area.

If the link doesn't show up, click on the "suggested" button and choose "newest first", then go back to "suggested". That will cause the bar to pop back up.  If this doesn't work then please clear your cookies, and cache and then restart the browser.

⚠️WARNING: MAKE SURE YOUR URL IS VISIBLE BEFORE YOU CLICK APPROVE in order for Groupconvert to collect your data.

17. Paste the google sheet link URL copied under step 14 into the empty line.  You can paste by pressing control + V or right-click PASTE.  Press  ENTER -> 

18. A pop-up window will appear confirming the google sheet URL was added successfully. Click OK.

19. A pop-up will appear asking if Gmail can use Groupconvert -> click on the correct email account to approve -> then click on the ALLOW blue button.  Sometimes this pop-up is hidden behind another window.  Look around for the pop-up.  Other times, if you've already installed GroupConvert and it's not your first time, this pop-up will NOT appear twice.  If you cleared your cache/cookies, then this pop-up will appear.

21. Awesome! You're almost done!  Make sure your URL is visible before you click "APPROVE" in order for Groupconvert to collect your data.  

Depending on your preference, you can click on " Approve" or "Approve All".  Go ahead and try it out!

⚠️WARNING: MAKE SURE YOUR URL IS VISIBLE BEFORE YOU CLICK APPROVE in order for Groupconvert to collect your data.

22. Now click on the red and grey G on the top right-hand corner of your screen, then click on "View Data". 

23a. To manually send the emails to the google sheet, you have to manually press " Push to Google Sheet". 

24. To automatically send the emails to the google sheet, you can automate it using the " Automate" menu which will then send the emails periodically as per the settings you define.

25. When you use the manual option a pop-up window will appear asking you to confirm that you want to clear the data and send it to the google sheet. This way any data that is sent is then cleared so you don't send repeated data to your google sheet. Click " Ok" to proceed.

26. Click the " Open google sheet" button to check out your google sheet.

27. Your questions, answers, and emails from your group should appear in your google sheet.

28. You can also automatically approve new members in your Facebook Group by certain criteria;

Click on the "View Data" menu as per the screenshot below;

This will open up the Group Convert Dashboard where you can set the automated Approval;

The arrows in the screenshot above shows the numbered steps you need to take to enable the automated approval.

  1. For upgrades, click on " Upgrade or Purchase Installation".  If you are a busy executive and want us to just install it for you, you can choose to purchase the installation by clicking here.

29. You can log into your membership dashboard via this link -->

30. For more support join our Facebook group or message us through chat or submit a support ticket. We respond within 24 hours during our working hours of Monday - Friday 7 am - 4 pm PST.  If a representative is available via chat we will respond to you within our chat bubble that you can access at either or

If you just signed up for group convert and are having issues, please book a zoom room call with our team here.

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