Unknown Error Please Try Again Later

Are you getting this error? And other errors? Don't worry...

🛑 Before you do anything please read this!! Back up your data first: Click on the "View Data" menu and then select the "Download to CSV" option before proceeding with the next steps below to fix the issue.

1) Fixing the error pop-up: There will be an error that pops up if you don't add a second sheet to your current google worksheet.

Go to your current google sheet. Look down to the bottom left-hand corner, then click on the PLUS(+) sign, a second sheet will appear. You can leave that sheet empty.

This is because GroupConvert updated and you can now accept emails from DECLINED users of your group.

If you are still having issues, it's probably because you are still on the old version of GroupConvert and the changes haven't hit your browser yet. It does take a couple of days to hit.

2) You must update to the latest version of Facebook! GroupConvert works seamlessly with the NEW Facebook layout. If you are on the old layout, you must switch over to the new one.

You force the update by clicking here.

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