How to add users in the Partnership dashboard

1. Go to the Partnership dashboard and login with your credentials

2. After successfully logging in, you are presented with this home page.

3. On the left navigation panel, click on the "Users" menu and then depending on the extension you want to add a user to, click on the extension menu (for example Group Convert) in the snapshot below and finally click on the "Add New User" menu button.

4. Enter the details of the new user, this includes their "Email address", "Password", "Status is Active", "User Type can be either Normal or Pro user depending on their Subscription plan", "Admin user setting leave it as Normal user" then click on the Submit menu

5. You will get a confirmation message to say the new user has been added successfully.

6. Repeat the above steps for all other users. If you want to create a new user for a different extension, then in step 3 above click on the correct extension menu first then proceed with the other steps.

7. You can also add a user to all extensions at once. On the left navigation panel, click on the "Quick Actions" menu and then click on "Add New User"

8. Fill in the details on the menu page that pops up and click on "Add New User"

9. You will then get a success message confirming the user has been added successfully.

10. You can crosscheck that the user has been added by pasting the email address you just added in the search bar and it will auto-populate if an account exists.

11. Once you create a new user, you need to send them their credentials. Below is an email template that we use for Group Convert. 


Subject: Thank you for joining the GroupConvert family!


Hello Customer X,

Thank you for joining the GroupConvert family!

First things first! Please join the Facebook group.

Your GroupConvert account has been created.

Here's a link to download the extension

Here's the onboarding chatbot we have for instructions. [your passcode will be sent to you through once you click "forget password"]

Please check your inbox AND spam folder for if you do not see your passcode.

Here's the STEP BY STEP installation guide on our website.

Here's a video available for installation as well.

You can create and log into your membership account here.

Here's our Facebook group if you have any support questions or submit a support ticket here.

Did you know have anaffiliate program. Sign up here.

Please do not reply to this email, you can ask our onboarding chatbot any support questions or you can get help here.

-Kim "Let's Get Your Group Handled" Dang


12. You can also automate the process of adding users by using our API. [YOU CAN ONLY DO THIS IF YOU HAVE CLICKFUNNELS]. Here is a video of how to use zapier to add users using the API.


The password is: kimdangpartner

Here are the links to each extension on the Chrome Web:

Group Convert:

Copy Funnel:


Instagram Extension:


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