No Data In Google Spreadsheet

Your Data Is Not pushing to the google sheet? Don't worry!

Make sure the google sheet URL is showing BEFORE you click approve all.

Make sure you're not on the mobile device, that you're using a computer.

If you don't see the URL appear right away, REFRESH your browser and click on "suggested" in order for the URL to pop up.

The new Facebook layout came out!   And Group Convert works with the new Facebook layout design. 

Click on the "View Data" menu and then select the "Download to CSV" option before proceeding with the next steps below.

Please check out the video on this link

If the bar doesn't show up where you can input your data, click on the "suggested" button, choose another option, then go back to "suggested" and the bar should pop up.

If the above does not work, continue following the below instructions:

1) Clear your cookies and cache by clicking on the top right-hand corner with the three dots -> more tools -> clear browsing data.

2) Remove GroupConvert (save your info first)

3) Follow this installation bot to re-install it. Or you can get the step by step instructions here.

Open a support ticket by clicking on "contact us" if you need more help!

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