Error Code 101

Having trouble pushing data to the google spreadsheet?

Don't worry!

1) The SAME email you used to sign into your Google Chrome Browser should have EDIT permissions to the google spreadsheet.

You check this by going to your google sheet the top right hand corner, clicking your little icon. [Click here to get a copy of the google sheet]

Then make sure you have EDIT permissions by clicking on the green share button on top right hand corner, then clicking on change button.

Then clicking on the Copy Link AFTER you changed to EDIT permissions.

Then click on "copy link" after you've done this.

2) Make sure you're logged into the same Gmail Account

3) Sync should be turned on -> you can check by clicking on your little icon on top right hand corner of your browser.

Okay! Try it again.  You can get the step by step installation instructions here. CLICK HERE.

Or our onboarding bot can show you how to install it, by clicking here. (install by facebook messenger instructions).

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