GroupConvert Best Practices

Please check out the video on this link

1. Sometimes if you go into your Group and there are member requests pending If the bar doesn't show up where you can input your Google Spreadsheet URL, click on the "Newest First" button, choose another option like "Oldest First", then go back to "Newest First" and the bar should pop up faster.

2. Some users are facing issues because they are still using the old version of Facebook. You need to switch over to the new version of Facebook. But if you have the old version of Facebook, do not fret. 

Go to and open a ticket and we will be able to help you go to an older version of Group Convert that works with the old Facebook.

3. If you cannot remember our support website, you definitely will remember Groupconvert which is accessible via this link --->, the easiest way to get to support is via a little pop-up at the bottom right of the website. Click contact us and it will lead you to the contact-us link and we will make sure we get in touch. You can also click "ASK"

4. Booking a call with support - If you are so busy and you signed up for Group Convert and you need someone to install it for you, go to and book. We have slots available everyday Monday - Friday from 7 AM PST - 4 PM PST.

5. Since Group Convert is a Chrome extension, sometimes our team needs to get on a call and check is it a browser issue? Did you not update your browser? Do you still have the old Facebook? Do you have the new Facebook? Is it a Zapier Issue? Is it an email issue? and from these, the team can quickly diagnose the issue and resolve it. 

6. Make sure that when you approve the member requests, you go and click on the " View Data" menu to see all the emails that are pushed over from Facebook to Group Convert.

You then have to click on the " Push to Google Sheet" if you have not automated it. 

When you use the manual option a pop-up window will appear asking you to confirm that you want to clear the data and send it to the google sheet. This way any data that is sent is then cleared so you don't send repeated data to your google sheet. Click " Ok" to proceed.

You can also automate the process by using the "Automate" menu which will then send the emails periodically as per the settings you define.

NOTE: There is a 15 minute time delay for the automation to kick in. The emails will not be in your Google spreadsheet right away automatically but with a 15-minute gap.

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