New Message Feature to Automatically send the 1st welcome message

Group Convert has a new COOL FEATURE!!!

You can now automatically send the first welcome message to all new member requests you approve to join your Group.

With this feature, you can activate it per group(if you have multiple groups) and you can customize the message content to send out.

To activate the Message Feature, follow steps below;

Step 1: Click on the Group Convert Extension icon on your browser and ensure you are logged into Group Convert, then and select the "Message" menu.

Step 2: Customize the message feature by;

i). Select the Group you want to customize the message from the drop-down.

ii). Toggle ON the send welcome message setting. (It should appear Blue when toggled ON, and Greyed out when it is set to OFF.

iii). Set a timer on how soon to send the message for each member request. This setting defines the time difference between the 1st message that is sent out to the new member request you approve and the next member request you approve. If you approve 10 new members at the same time and the setting is set to 1 min, then every 1 minute the send message feature will send a message to all the 10 new members. It is best to set it between 3-5 mins so that it looks like a real human is typing the messages.

iv). Set the value for the Maximum messages to send. This setting defines the total amount of messages to be sent out in a day. If you approve 70 people and the setting is set to 30, then only 30 new members will receive the welcome message. The ideal number is 50 per day so that Facebook does not ban you due to spamming.

v). Customize the content of the Message under the Message Template section. The Values in braces [first_name] [last_name] and 

 [group_name] should not be edited. All the other text can be altered/changed to a message you want to send out to new members who join your group.

vi) Click SAVE once you have completed customizing your message feature.

vii) Proceed and either manually approve new member requests or use the auto-approval within Group Convert

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